How to Make More When You Sell Your Business with Bart Rupert Episode 28

Many people retire and close their businesses without a second thought. They never realize that they are sitting on a very valuable asset. Even a poorly performing business, if positioned correctly, can provide you with sizeable retirement income. I recently sat down with Bart Rupert and discussed his tips and strategies for how to make more when you sell your business as well as how to buy a business without using your own money.

Bart Rupert had founded nearly 30 companies, negotiated over $500M in contracts & business deals and is an expert at buying and selling businesses.

He helps ordinary, everyday people buy & sell companies for a living. Even those that have never bought or sold a company before.

He has created a refined process that allows people to buy companies using none of their own money and either a) flip them for profit or b) hold them and replace their salary from the residual income

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