Are you a small business owner that is struggling to find great talent?

Your small business is unique and different. So then, why are you using the same inconsistent and worn-out techniques as everyone else for finding great talent? If you want to find great talent then you should be using approaches that are just as unique as your business.

Small business owners want to outperform their competitors and grow their businesses, but to do that they must first win the war on talent. Unfortunately, larger organizations have resources, tools, and of course an entire HR team at their disposal that you do not. How do you find great talent and compete against larger organizations when you are not an expert at candidate selection? Simple—you use the Be Small, Fight Big method.


Be small, fight big takes the tactics and strategies of larger organizations and modifies them to the particular needs of small business owners. In this book you will learn:

  • Where to dig. A systematic process to discover what employee behaviors are truly driving your businesses performance. So you can make better hiring decisions and grow your business.
  • How to dig. How to create powerful interview questions that are unique to the needs of your business so that you can lower turnover and improve performance.
  • How to dig deep. A proven and tested method on how to conduct a structured interview to ensure that you aren’t hiring the best liar, again.
  • A simple, but effective process for comparing one potential candidate to another. Thusly, speeding up the selection process so the best talent doesn’t get hired by your competition.

“Benjamin has written an important book to give you proven strategies to attract top talent…especially when competing against organizations that are larger and have more resources. He uses the combination of a short story with a summary of key lessons so you can absorb and apply his strategies and tactics right away, and fight big even while being small.”  – Andrew Neitlich, Founder, Center for Executive Coaching

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