Hiring an on organizational consultant can be a big decision and a stressful one. We at Vezina Consulting try to make the process and decision to hire us as enjoyable as possible. We take a consultative approach to new clients. If we cannot improve your condition; we do not enter into an agreement and will refer you to someone who can. If we can improve your condition, we give you several options that we believe will improve your condition and allow you to choose the direction that best fits your organizational needs; no hard selling.

Are you a small business owner that is wearing too many hats? Are you trying to increase performance, create a training program, or maybe you are trying to expand and open multiple locations? The challenges that face small business owners are unique, but also very common. Whatever the challenge you are currently facing, more than likely, we have experienced it as well and look forward to helping you overcome it.

We recently partnered with Human Factors International to offer a full suite of psychometric assessments. With these assessments we help clients with: candidate screening and selection (at all levels of the organization), reduce turnover, 360 feedback, employee engagement, identify future leaders, create leadership development programs, create talent development programs/interventions, understand team dynamics, and improve organizational effectiveness.

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You may also benefit from our signature solution “3 steps to reducing turnover in 90 days without the guesswork or HR overload”.  You can view and download it here for free.

3 Step Framework for Reducing Turnover