Who we are:

Vezina consulting is a small firm that believes in creating win-win partnerships to improve the client’s condition. We utilize Industrial/Organizational Psychological methods and processes to increase organizational performance and organizational culture.

Short version; we help overworked business owners who want to achieve more while working less.

Please see our services page for a short list of the possible things we can do for you and your organization.

Why we do what we do:

Why help small businesses and small business owners in particular?

Both Ben’s parents owned businesses and while growing up he witnessed 1st hand the joy and the pain that come with owning a small business. In his own experience of owning businesses, he realized that improving performance, increasing revenue, and scaling your business are not as easy as it looks (we can share horror stories at another time).

It is the stress and uncertainty that come with owning a small business that has driven Ben to serve small business owners. To help them lower the overwhelm that comes from small business ownership and to achieve more. Yes, there is more prestige and money that comes from servicing larger organizations, but not fulfillment.

If you believe we can help you please click here to schedule a time for us to have a conversation about your particular challenges.